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When looking for a scaffolding system with few, low-weight parts yet one that is versatile, strong and safe, then this is the right place.

Why +8 - Ergonomics

Even the toughest are vulnerable

Scaffolders and building workers are tough people with a tough job. It is particularly tough on the wrists, elbows, back, shoulders and knees. But sinews, nerves and muscles interplay in a sensitive system, which is no stronger than its weakest link. This applies particularly when working with traditional scaffolds, where many heavy parts make handling difficult causing serious occupational injuries.

Man and functionality combined

After many years of experiencing a number of different scaffold systems, we developed +8, a scaffold system where man and functionality go hand in hand. +8 is a scaffold system with good ergonomics that does not only save health but also promotes better and safer work places. +8 is also economically advantageous through increased productivity and continuity.

Good ergonomics are dependent on many different factors, for example the number of components, component weight, balance, stability, versatility, visual lock and safety control. It is not enough to just choose some of the factors and expect good ergonomics to be achieved - all the factors must work in harmony.

Ergonomics - the key to +8

With +8, all prerequisites for an ergonomic scaffold interact. +8 is an optimum system with immense versatility. Strength, safety and stability are achieved using a few well-balanced lightweight components connected vertically and horizontally with unique patented connectors.