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When looking for a scaffolding system with few, low-weight parts yet one that is versatile, strong and safe, then this is the right place.

Why +8 - Safety

Safety should be seen

If you do not feel safe, you do not work safely and this is dangerous. You feel tense, use the wrong muscles and get aches and pains.

Scaffolders and construction workers have height to contend with in addition to all the usual safety traps. The higher you go, the greater the need becomes to feel safe. But feeling safe is not enough. You also want to be able to see with your own eyes that everything is as it should be.

You need be able to check at a glance that connections are locked, guardrails are in place and all holes and pitfalls eliminated. In addition, of course, you also want to experience safety in the job itself.

Security when you move, exactness when you build and stability in the connections are vital criteria. You really want to feel just as safe when working at a height as you do when working on the ground.

+8 is safe

With +8, all the features of an ergonomic scaffold interact. +8 is an optimum system with immense versatility. Strength, safety and stability are achieved using a few well-balanced lightweight components connected vertically and horizontally with unique patented connectors.

All components are secured by +8's wedge system with visual safety where the wedges never loosen through vibrations, etc. Standards and frames are joined by +8's sleeve joint with an external sleeve that is stronger than the standard, thereby eliminating the usual necessity of staggering joints. +8's connecting device not only gives the scaffold stability and strength but also allows it to follow the most impossible facade without any dangerous gaps in the structure.