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When looking for a scaffolding system with few, low-weight parts yet one that is versatile, strong and safe, then this is the right place.

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Making the impossible possible

Seemingly impossible situations become possible with +8. As a true 8-way system scaffold +8 is the closest you can get to tube and fittings when it comes to versatility. Up to eight components, transoms, cantilever brackets, etc, can be mounted at any angle in each cup.

+8 is suitable for building all types of scaffolds whether they are high, low, wide or narrow. High load capacity combined with low component and low total weight allows for high-rise structures. But +8 is not only the right choice for building upwards, it is also perfect for use as a suspended scaffold. +8 beams facilitate building large bird-cage scaffolds for ceiling installations - width is no object. In other words, no task is impossible for +8.

Fast - even in the real world

The speed of +8 may have been proven through its world record achievements but it is out in the real world that +8 is truly put to the test. Here there are not many smooth facades with level basing out and this is where +8 comes into its own. The ergonomic design of +8, with a few, well-balanced components and low weight, enhances this speed with staying power.

Combining standards and frames

The same components are used for both frames and standards, enabling any combination of the two. A module scaffold can be completed with frames to create a frame scaffold. This means that the problems of building with a frame scaffold on troublesome basing out or uneven ground can be solved easily by combining it with a module scaffold - smooth and easy!


+8 has been tried and tested for more than 30 years. Thousands of jobs have been completed throughout the world, in construction, renovation, bridge building, ship building, the processing industry, aircraft maintenance, etc ...